Relationship and generosity turn sorrow into joy

November 15, 2015 raising the posts for the house with Candlelight Matopeni Church.
November 15, 2015 raising the posts for the house with Candlelight Matopeni Church.

By Founder and Executive Director, Kelly Little

It is true that God makes beauty out of pain and miracles are performed every day through God’s interconnection of people. In November 2009 I met a very sweet 8th grader named Edward in a classroom in a small school in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the years I have grown to love him as my own son as I have watched him navigate life, graduate high school and soon to head off to University. When I was in Kenya in October I was able to spend time with him and see a plot of land he owned but did not have the means to build a house. While I was in Kenya my beloved mother-in-law passed away suddenly and we were all devastated. This same boy – now a man – was there for me, praying strength for me, as I waited to return home and in the very dark days after. It was decided by my father-in-law, Dave, that the memorial funds for Marilyn should go to Light Up Hope. Through the generosity of all the funeral attenders we were able to raise enough funds to help Edward and his younger brother, Joseph construct a house on their land. November 15, 2015, almost exactly 6 years after I met Edward in Kenya, I was witness to the posts for the house being raised among the joy of the members of the church he attends, and I couldn’t be happier. I am certain my mother-in-law is also smiling down from heaven. Thank you Jesus, it is my overwhelming joy to be a part of Your beautiful world.

Edward working on finishing the floor of the house
Interior – floor being laid December 11, 2015


Edward and Joseph preparing the cement
Edward and Joseph preparing the cement

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