Rodgers’s Story

Rodgers, one of the older children at Hands with Hope

Rodgers has been living at Hands with Hope Orphanage since 2006.  He recently graduated from Candlelight School and has been admitted to St. Matthews secondary school.  Here is the story of how he came to live at Hands with Hope, told in his own words.

“I am the second born in a family of five. My father used to take alcohol, and all of his money he spend on alcohol. My mother did not have any job, she also depended on my father who spend his money on drinks. My father used to beat my mother when he was drunk, and my mother had a lot of injuries on her head and even on the body, which made her spend most of her time in the hospital for treatment.

My father became more used to that my mother decided to go up country for her to be safe and recover her injuries, and left us with my father. When my father came home when drunk he found my mother had already packed her things and went away, and he started beating us for no reason, until the neighbors came and rescued us from him.​

My father decided to marry another wife who was very mean to us, and mistreated us. She used to cook only onions with a lot of water, which we used as our stew. My elder brother could not bear all those pains and struggle, he decided to run away every day to look at least for something to eat. He went in streets to borrow money, and he managed to get some money, he bought food and he shared among us. In street he met some boys who had run from their homes, and they welcomed him to stay with them. When he saw life was at least better after one month, he came back home when my father had gone and took me to the streets and I was welcomed well.​

When I joined them they taught me they eat anything when there is no food to eat. After a few weeks they introduce me to drugs like glue and sort of things, by then I had not joined school and I was very sharp in counting money. People loved me and they gave me food and clothes. I had already addicted to street life and I used to steal people’s properties which was very bad but to me was right because drugs had took over me and I did not know what I am doing.​

After some few years a Congolese wanted to help street children, he came and found us somewhere preparing for the day and he asked us if we would like to join, we were amazed to hear that, we thought that they were bad people who wanted to kill us. I did not take my friends words seriously only what I needed was to get somewhere to get food, shelter and education without struggle. My brother didn’t want me to go there. When we went with them they gave us food and clothes. The following day my brother was on the door calling to see if I was dead, and he joined. After three months my friends decided to go back to street because they did not have money, which they were used to it. We remained there with my brother.​

My friends came back ready to stay and to learn, we were taken to the church to be prayed for. The Congolese pastor started a children’s home called Love to Children Ministries, which was sponsored, by Judy and her husband Norman from the United States of America. They took us to school and my life was better. I joined school in 2003.We proceeded well until 2006 when one of pastor’s brother was blamed to have raped one of the girl in that home, and that home was closed. I thought my life dreams were ending. One of pastor (Fred) Afwai’s (from Hands with Hope) friend heard that case and we did not have somewhere to go, he decided to take me there to Hands with Hope and Candlelight School in 2006 to continue with my studies. When I met Pastor Afwai I was very proud. Pastor Afwai took me his school and also gave me a place to sleep.​

Now I am happy and I am doing well with my brothers and sisters at Hands with Hope Safe House. I am in high school at St. Mathew School. When I finish school I would like to become pilot, my role model is Pastor Afwai


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