Children are Learning and Mothers are Working: LIFT Update

We have had several recent achievements in our LIFT program that we are very thankful for: We are currently supporting 33 students in Kenya! We were able to pay school fees early to all our supportive schools! This way our students didn’t lose any learning time by having to be sent home because of unpaid school fees. A good number of our students reported back to school on the opening date, except in Kwa Njenga slums where they recorded 100% return on the opening date.  In Kibingoti we had also had a good number of returning students on their opening date.  In Nairobi, most of our schools reopened despite the May’s cold weather. None of our students have been reported ill or missing and they are all busy in school and doing quite well. Parents responded well to our request to have the report cards in the office earlier for better reporting and compilation. 10 LIFT Mothers have come together to start a coffee growers Co-Op in our rural farming community, Kibingoti.  With the help of some Broomfield donors, mothers in Kenya are getting a chance to start a coffee growers Co-op! A coffee plantation has been leased and we had the pleasure to […]

A Letter from Edward

We received a letter today from Edward, one of the older children at Hands with Hope Safe House.  He recently went on a visit to the land in Kitale that we are purchasing to relocate the safe house and below is the content of the letter he wrote to us.  Thank you each and every one of you for your support.  You can see from his letter that the donations to our cause are meant to change the lives of these children: Dear Light Up Hope, It is with great pleasure that I send my warm greetings to you through this letter.  I am very fine.  This might be the first time that I am writing to you this letter but through the help you have granted us, you are not new to me. My core aim of writing this letter is to thank you for giving us a new home.  For sure, we’ve been struggling each and every day to find a new place to settle.  We are children who have great potential in academics.  Finding us a new place to settle has boosted us since we will have enough time to concentrate on our books.  Some children had […]