One Gift Every Orphan Living in Poverty Needs

By Kelly Little – Executive Director, Light Up Hope I read an interesting article this year on child sponsorship.  It was the cover of the June issue of Christianity Today: “Does Child Sponsorship Work?…a top economist answers”.  I was literally frozen with fear when I saw the cover, we had just met with a web developer to talk about adding child sponsorship to the new website launching later this year and we have people asking us all the time if they can sponsor a Light Up Hope child, I thought to myself “can this be all wrong”?  The article was on the cover of Christianity Today and the two best known child sponsorship programs in the world (Compassion International and World Vision) are both Christian organizations so I told myself there must be good news in here – or a public relations hurricane is about to hit this magazine! I learned two things from this economic study.  First,  Compassion International is doing great things for 1.2 million children across the world.  Second, the approach our Kenyan partners have taught me through their interactions with children is a statistically proven way to fight poverty: children growing up in poverty need PEOPLE […]

A Letter from Remi

Remi is one of the graduates of Hope Children’s Home and he is a shining example of a young man who has overcome adversity in life and yet is kindhearted, generous and a hard worker.  We received this letter from him yesterday and we would like to share it with all of you. Dear Light Up Hope, I salute you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ and I hope that you are fine wherever you are.  This has been a great opportunity that I have been granted to write to you something that I solely appreciate.  I am Remjeus, a high school post graduate and now I am currently in college pursuing my career.  Currently I am a student at Kitale College of Hospitality and Business Management. I have been in the Hope Children’s Home throughout my high school, all the way from Nairobi to Kitale.  This has been a miracle to us as the Hope Children’s home family since it has been a a great relief and blessing to us.  We, the Hope family, we sometimes lack words to say when it comes to appreciating your efforts and support towards this home but the only thing […]

Bringing the Vision of Love into Focus

For 10 months we have been working hard to make the children’s home in Kitale look and feel like a welcoming home for the children. These children have suffered the loss of parents and family.  We want them to know they are not alone. That is why the front gate is open for them to walk to and from school and to play with the neighboring children.  Our Kenyan partners provide them will customized educational opportunities and fun experiences outside of their home; like a trip to a local nature park or a visit to the community swimming pool.  We are  installing shelving and painting the doors and windows to beautify the environment for the children.  Every month we are able to watch our vision for a self-sufficient, loving, encouraging, educational and safe home for children in need come into focus.

Family Matters

Do you remember Rodgers?  We sure do.  He is one of the most beloved young men at Hope Children’s Home and he has been deep in our hearts for over 5 years.  Over this time we have watched him grow and become a young man (he is now 20).  He has a great heart for service and is always thankful to be part of what is going on at Hope Children’s Home.  Here is a photo from December 2012 when he was helping Pastor Fred to collect fish from one of the fish ponds that were being prepared for commercial fish farming. As he has approached adulthood there have been challenges and our partners, Fred and Alice, have dedicated their hearts to mentoring Rodgers through this difficult transition.  Here you can see Rodgers and Fred working side-by-side to beautify the new dining hall. During our visits and through letter writing with his sponsor we have encouraged Rodgers to make the best of his life.  Here he is pictured with Jacquie, who has sponsored, mentored and visited Rodgers for over three years. Despite all of our best efforts, Rodgers was not transitioning well into adulthood with the opportunities available to him […]

Please Pray with Us to Support these Children

Thank you all for your prayers and support! Here are a few specific things to be praying about for the Afwai’s and the children both in Nairobi and Kitale! 1. Fred and Alice are working with a social worker to make complete files for all of the orphans. With these completed files, they will be eligible for food from the government.  Please pray that the guardians of each the children can produce the legitimate birth certificates of each child, so that their individual files may be complete and the Afwais can get extra help from the Kenyan government.  Birth certificates are also essential for the children who will be entering high school next year. 2. The land in Kitale is almost ready with new buildings: a kitchen and study area and the girl’s dorm. Once these buildings are completed Fred and Alice will be looking to see if they can take in more children from the surrounding community. Pray that Fred and Alice will have keen judgement in seeing which children are in most need of their love and care. And pray that they are guided through the selection process with wisdom and love. 3. Fred recently joined with a […]