One Year in and I Might be Crazy

written by Kelly Little, Founder Light Up Hope It has been a year since we started Light Up Hope and as an organization we have been blessed with supportive well wishers, financially generous donors, visionary Kenyan partners, and clear direction from God on where we are headed. As an individual the blessings have gone well beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  The most incredible blessing I have experienced is being used by God and having confirmation time after time that the Lord is faithful, the Lord has called me to do His work here on earth and the Lord is with me. There is always the temptation to dismiss or ignore the working of God in my life.  When things are going really well it is easy to focus on the tasks ahead and to take credit for the momentum in my life.  But there has not been a single step of this journey that I can honestly say is because of the work I have put in.  I am completely unqualified to run a non-profit organization.  I have no experience. I started this journey without an idea of where it would take me or how it would work.  […]