Thank you Discovery for DIG-ing Deep!

This Sunday, Discovery Christian Church in Broomfield, CO will be opening the doors to the first worship service in a building of their own.  For over 14 years Discovery has been a “portable church” which means renting temporary space every week in order to hold services for over 300 members. In April of 2012 Discovery asked their membership to dig deep and generously donate to a capital campaign titled “The DIG Campaign” which would enable the church to build their first ever building on land they had owned and struggled to be able to develop for several years.  Given the high cost to build, and a limited budget, Discovery could have made the choice to retain every dollar raised to put towards the building.  Instead, the board of elders decided to put aside $100,000 of the income raised from the DIG campaign towards funding Light Up Hope, and enabling our Kenyan partners to purchase land on which to build their new orphanage and farm to support the orphans in their care. As Discovery Members head to their first ever service in a home of their own we want to thank them for providing a home and shelter to orphans in […]