A Brave Young Man – Ready to Make a Change

Nairobi, Kenya  He was a 25 year old young man who was stuck in the cycle of poverty and ready to make a change. Rodgers is one of 25 children who we have cared for over the years and one of the first to transition into independent adulthood since Light Up Hope was founded.  Rodgers has a life story that paints a clear picture of how disenfranchisement affects a person across their lifetime. Poverty, loss and trauma deprive a person of their basic human rights: ability to work so that you will not starve, ability to take care of your children, access to education and opportunity.  Every one of the children that Light Up Hope supports have been disenfranchised by poverty before they reach adulthood. As a young boy Rodgers lived in Nairobi with his older brother, his mother and alcoholic father.  His father’s alcoholism eventually landed him in jail and left his mother no way to provide for her two young sons, Rodgers and Vincent.   In desperation she abandoned her boys on the streets of Nairobi and returned to her village.  Rodgers learned at a young age how to survive on the harsh streets of Nairobi. There was […]