Love at First Sight – Welcome to Kitale

There is a dirt road in Kenya where the soil defines the color burnt sienna. Along this road is a glimpse into the simple life in the country, an agrarian peacefulness. There is a gentle breeze perfumed with eucalyptus, and the scent of the African sun bearing down on fertile ground. There is only the sound of the wind on the trees and a gentle movement of bare feet on the warm ground, followed quietly by curious voices of the neighboring children. Inside the branch and barb fencing a meadow opens in front of our eyes. A lazy brown cow grazes under the shade of an island of trees. A local boy and girl hold onto a palm tree and quietly watch as we navigate the barbed wire into a lush vegetable garden that even at the end of the dry season gives birth to a beautiful crop of arrowroot and kale, watered by a fresh stream that snakes through the property. We sit in the shade of the bordering forest and my excitement blooms as we discuss the future of this beautiful property. We walk along the bank of fish ponds that are ready to be stocked with a […]