165 High School Girls Join Light Up Hope through Seeds of Change

I’m very happy to share that Light Up Hope is working in collaboration with Seeds of Change Foundation from Sioux Falls, SD to sponsor the high school education of 165 girls from impoverished backgrounds across Kenya. We first started working with Seeds of Change in 2018 when they began by sponsoring one of our Joseph’s House students, Mary, and later in the year, added two additional girls for university. Since the beginning of 2019 we have been working together in preparation to add these high school students to our Light Up Hope program with funding through Seeds of Change. The girls who are joining the program have been sponsored by Seeds of Change since the start of their high school careers and we are grateful to Seeds of Change for giving us the opportunity to oversee and manage their high school careers from this point. The Light Up Hope staff has worked very hard and is continuing to work hard to ensure these girls success, including placing them in high quality government schools, purchasing new uniforms and all of the school supplies needed, as is traditional in our Light Up Hope High School Program. We are excited to see our […]

Space for Learning, Space for Leadership, Space for Worship

High school is a demanding time for students in Kenya.  The curriculum is challenging and extra help at school is often hard to come by when a student is struggling in a particular subject.  At the end of every year students in the Light Up Hope High School Sponsorship Program leave their boarding schools to return to their guardians for Christmas break, and this year we found many of the students were struggling in the areas of math and chemistry.  During this 6 week break we are pleased to share with you that we were able to offer 5 weeks of tutoring at the new Light Up Hope Social Hall in Nairobi. A core value of our mission is to go beyond meeting basic needs and find the individual talents each of our program beneficiaries posses and give them opportunities to shine.  Ellis and Lewis are program beneficiaries in our adult transitional university program and Ellis also grew up in a children’s home alongside many of the students in our high school program.  These two young men are leading the tutoring sessions and are able to not only strengthen the students’s understanding of the high school subjects, but also mentor them and […]

Our first two graduates on track to attend university!

It is our great pleasure to announce we have our first two high school graduates who are on track to attend University!  Edward and Ellis  received the results of their final examination for high school graduation, these results determine eligibility for government University.  Both Edward and Ellis did very well, Ellis received an A and Edward received a B (in Kenya it is a requirement to receive above a C to be eligible for the Government Universities).  They are both thrilled that their hard work has paid off and both boys are working hard towards their applications to their University of choice! Upon receiving the good news our Kenyan Partners, Fred and Alice, wrote “We are thankful for the support we received towards the high school education of the following children, Edward Mwangi, student at St. Ignatius Mukumu that scored a mean score of B and Ellis Liyala that came number one in their school with a mean score of A, also from St. Ignatius Mukumu boys. As the bible says ‘Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in […]

Celebrating Two High School Graduates

This year we are happy to celebrate two additional high school graduates, Edward and Ellis.  Both boys are extremely smart and talented and true examples that life circumstances do not define who you were created to be.  This fall we are very proud of how hard each of the boys have worked to maintain high marks and we pray that the results of their final exams (results will be released in February) will be high enough to give both boys the opportunity for a University Education. Ellis came into the care of our Kenyan partners, Fred and Alice, in 2009 after the riots that ensued during the 2007 Kenyan Election Violence.  Edward started his life in the slums of Nairobi working odd jobs during the day and scrounging for food at night to help care for his younger brother, Joseph.  He wanted nothing more than to attend school.  Here is Edward’s story in his own words – Hi, my name is Edward. My parents are among the leading people who brought light into my life. This light almost went off when they divorced and my father fell into drinking. I joined school at an old age and I had no […]

Students are ready for high school!

  The school year is coming to a close in Kenya.  The children in grade 8 have finished a difficult week of exams which will determine their ability to attend high school.   Please pray for Cecelia, Everline, Maxwell, Benja, Alphonse and Hilary, that they have performed well and will be admitted to a high school that will help them achieve their dreams in life.