Overwhelmed by the Incredible Response

We can’t stop the poverty and disease that creates orphans, but we can help ONE ORPHAN at a time have HOPE for LIFE As of May 28th, we had just under $1000 in our bank account and no clear path to the $8,200 needed to make the next payment on the land, and yet we were facing a crisis that required we make this payment so we may expedite construction on the land.  Our board made the decision to walk by faith in prayer and hope that the Lord would provide the money needed for the next payment.  As of today, June 21st, we have $15,600 in our account – almost DOUBLE the amount needed!  We spoke with our Kenyan Partner, Fred Afwai, this morning and he said, “Truly this is a miracle, we have been blessed…when we shared with the children about getting the money we have been praying for, they all joined us to thank God for the miracles”. In just 14 days we received donations that will enable us to start the process of construction of a small initial home for the children.  This is an amazing first step in our project to provide a new orphan […]

Reasons Behind Soaring Food Prices and Food Scarcity in Kenya

An assessment of the contributing factors to the increase in food scarcity and food prices in Kenya and how that effects orphans, vulnerable children and the Kenyan population as a whole by Hands with Hope Founder, Fred Afwai. August 12, 2011 Hands with Hope safe house caters to 30 children. With the rising cost of living blamed for the rising cost of energy, this scenario portends a challenging future for these children and all of us as their custodians and guardians. The causes of the current situation are wide and varied but my personal assessment can attribute it to the following: The violent protests following the disputed 2007 elections in Kenya led to the internal displacement of farming communities. To date, most of them remain in camps and in some way this has stalled grain production, leading to high demand and grain prices hitting the roof. Most counties have shifted their priorities to fixing the effects of the global recession. Humanitarian organizations, philanthropists and corporations have scaled down their activities as a result. The depreciating value of major world currencies has deepened the crisis. It can’t get worse than this. Drought and famine are on the rise courtesy of global […]