Family Matters

Do you remember Rodgers?  We sure do.  He is one of the most beloved young men at Hope Children’s Home and he has been deep in our hearts for over 5 years.  Over this time we have watched him grow and become a young man (he is now 20).  He has a great heart for service and is always thankful to be part of what is going on at Hope Children’s Home.  Here is a photo from December 2012 when he was helping Pastor Fred to collect fish from one of the fish ponds that were being prepared for commercial fish farming. As he has approached adulthood there have been challenges and our partners, Fred and Alice, have dedicated their hearts to mentoring Rodgers through this difficult transition.  Here you can see Rodgers and Fred working side-by-side to beautify the new dining hall. During our visits and through letter writing with his sponsor we have encouraged Rodgers to make the best of his life.  Here he is pictured with Jacquie, who has sponsored, mentored and visited Rodgers for over three years. Despite all of our best efforts, Rodgers was not transitioning well into adulthood with the opportunities available to him […]