How funding a business can keep orphans in a home

Sure by now you know that Light Up Hope provides orphans with hope and opportunity, but did you know we also have programs that fight poverty and injustice through empowering the people in Kenya who are helping orphans every day?  People like Lawrence. Lawrence is a welder by trade living in a slum, in a tiny rental house. He is married with five kids and is guardian to his four orphaned nieces and nephews.  Lawrence cares greatly about all 9 of the children he is responsible for – and an orphan himself he believes it is God’s calling on his life to care for these children.  The problem is as a day laborer he only makes about $25 per week, barely enough money to get by – he is afraid that he is stuck in a life of poverty and may not be able to continue to provide for the burden of caring for four additional children on his small income. On our last trip to Kenya we met with Lawrence, heard his story and encouraged him and asked him how we could help.  He told us that he was skilled in welding but didn’t make enough money to buy […]