One Gift Every Orphan Living in Poverty Needs

By Kelly Little – Executive Director, Light Up Hope I read an interesting article this year on child sponsorship.  It was the cover of the June issue of Christianity Today: “Does Child Sponsorship Work?…a top economist answers”.  I was literally frozen with fear when I saw the cover, we had just met with a web developer to talk about adding child sponsorship to the new website launching later this year and we have people asking us all the time if they can sponsor a Light Up Hope child, I thought to myself “can this be all wrong”?  The article was on the cover of Christianity Today and the two best known child sponsorship programs in the world (Compassion International and World Vision) are both Christian organizations so I told myself there must be good news in here – or a public relations hurricane is about to hit this magazine! I learned two things from this economic study.  First,  Compassion International is doing great things for 1.2 million children across the world.  Second, the approach our Kenyan partners have taught me through their interactions with children is a statistically proven way to fight poverty: children growing up in poverty need PEOPLE […]

I was inspired by Orphan Sunday, but how can I help?

Were you inspired by Orphan Sunday but don’t feel ready to jump into adoption or foster care?  Light Up Hope supports 30 children in Kenya who are unable to be adopted.  They are smart, loving and fun children but their only option right now is to live in an orphanage.  They could really use your financial support. A donation as little as $20 would cover food costs for one child for one month. $60 would provide a new school uniform and shoes for a child. $110 would provide a child with a new bed, sheets, blankets and a mosquito net. They don’t have parents to buy these essential items for them.  Could you be the one they need?  Visit our DONATION Page today and make a donation by check or credit card.

Official Members of Christian Alliance for Orphans

We received our approval letter this week and we are now members of The Christian Alliance for Orphans, a great nationwide organization that works to promote global orphan care through a network of churches and non-profit organizations.    November 6, 2011 is Orphan Sunday.  Churches across America will be highlighting the importance of adoption, foster care and orphan care.  Light Up Hope will be participating at Discovery Christian Church. If you live in the Denver/Boulder area come check us out! Discovery Church meets Sundays at 8:30 am and 10:00 am at Legacy High School in Broomfield.