New playground installed

We are so thankful for the amazing generosity of all who attended Light Up Hope’s annual fundraiser, Barn Fire and the generosity of two very special girls and their birthday party fundraiser.  Because of their generosity Hope Children’s Home now has a playground installed for the younger children!  Our Kenyan partner, Alice Afwai shared with us the reaction of the children to having the new playground, “They have been seeing them (playgrounds) on TV, and in papers, now they have one, God is real!” One of the children we were particularly thrilled to see enjoying the playground with a big smile on his face is Jeff.  We first met Jeff in April of 2014.  At the time he was living in a dire situation with his Grandmother in Nairobi.  After Jeff’s mother passed away and his father abandoned him and his sister, Mary Grace, they were left in the care of their elderly grandmother.   When we met with his grandmother she shared with us that she loves Jeff and Mary very much, but the burden she was bearing was too much for her.  Inside a small one room home on the outskirts of Nairobi the grandmother was responsible for […]

A Brave Young Man – Ready to Make a Change

Nairobi, Kenya  He was a 25 year old young man who was stuck in the cycle of poverty and ready to make a change. Rodgers is one of 25 children who we have cared for over the years and one of the first to transition into independent adulthood since Light Up Hope was founded.  Rodgers has a life story that paints a clear picture of how disenfranchisement affects a person across their lifetime. Poverty, loss and trauma deprive a person of their basic human rights: ability to work so that you will not starve, ability to take care of your children, access to education and opportunity.  Every one of the children that Light Up Hope supports have been disenfranchised by poverty before they reach adulthood. As a young boy Rodgers lived in Nairobi with his older brother, his mother and alcoholic father.  His father’s alcoholism eventually landed him in jail and left his mother no way to provide for her two young sons, Rodgers and Vincent.   In desperation she abandoned her boys on the streets of Nairobi and returned to her village.  Rodgers learned at a young age how to survive on the harsh streets of Nairobi. There was […]

All children sponsored by Easter

We are hoping to have each of the children at Hope Children’s Home sponsored by the end of Easter Sunday 2014.  Child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to break the cycle of poverty starting at a young age.  By participating as a sponsor you provide a child with the joy that there is someone in their lives that cares about their well being and their achievements at school.  Letter writing is also a way for a child to feel acknowledged, encouraged and loved unconditionally.  All of the children in our program come from traumatic or abusive homes and lack strong adult role models, you can fill the gap for them today by sponsoring a child.   VIEW CHILDREN AVAILABLE FOR SPONSORSHIP>>

The Plight of Orphans in Kenya

PLIGHT OF ORPHANS IN KENYA (PDF Version) THE PLIGHT OF ORPHANS IN KENYA, A PERSPECTIVE OF HOPE CHILDREN’s HOME By: Fred Afwai – Director, Hope Children’s Home August 26, 2013 Situational analysis In Kenya, the situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) is an issue of concern. Currently it is estimated that there are over 3 million Orphans in the country, 47 percent orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors. The statistics surrounding the rising population and the immense suffering of these children can be overwhelming. Over 25% of the population live on less than $1 per day and 12-15% of households in Kenya are headed by an orphan sibling. 700 children are orphaned every day (that is a child every 2 minutes) and 1/3 of these are orphaned due to HIV / AIDS. This means that the number of orphans is set to rise. Traumatised by the death of parents, at times the orphans become antisocial. It has not helped matters that the society seems to have become impervious to their plight. The fact that these children do not have parents predisposes them to exploitation. Orphans are especially a […]

Bringing the Vision of Love into Focus

For 10 months we have been working hard to make the children’s home in Kitale look and feel like a welcoming home for the children. These children have suffered the loss of parents and family.  We want them to know they are not alone. That is why the front gate is open for them to walk to and from school and to play with the neighboring children.  Our Kenyan partners provide them will customized educational opportunities and fun experiences outside of their home; like a trip to a local nature park or a visit to the community swimming pool.  We are  installing shelving and painting the doors and windows to beautify the environment for the children.  Every month we are able to watch our vision for a self-sufficient, loving, encouraging, educational and safe home for children in need come into focus.