It is amazing what can be done when people come together

It is amazing what can be accomplished when people come together with open hearts for children in need.  At the beginning of December we had hopes and prayers to be able to provide for the needs of the children at their new home in Kitale.  By January 1, 2013 we had collected an additional $27,000 in donations for the care of the children.  With the help of generous spirits we have provided new beds, sheets, blankets, school uniforms, school fees, water filters and a new home for the children we sponsor.  We have also been able to send a grant to finalize the purchase of the land and to begin construction of two additional buildings: a girls dormitory and a building that will provide housing for additional caretakers, a study/dinning room and a new kitchen. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so check out this 4 minute video that shows the excitement our friends in Kenya are feeling over their new home and enjoy the photo gallery below with pictures from our most recent visit in December 2012. [wpvideo tY8he7aF]

A Harvest to Feed 300 Children

The farm property that Fred and Alice currently manage is in full production. With the 3 acres they own and 6 acres they currently lease and use to grow corn, they are able to feed 300 children at their school in Nairobi as well as the 30 children in Hands with Hope. Our first support goal is to help them purchase 10 acres to expand their farming operations as well as to house the orphanage and community outreach center. By owning the land they will be given the flexibility to manage the land in the best interest of the children, move the orphanage towards food self-sufficiency, and be secure that they will not lose the land due to increased lease rates or competition from other buyers.