What Empowerment Means to Me by Lewis

LewisEducation is highly rated in the world today. Many societies have come to consider education as one of the pillars on which a strong and reliable society is build. Without education a society is deemed as weak, dependent and unreliable. This notion has since made education one of the rights that every young child should identify with.  Parents are advised to allow their children the opportunity to access quality education. It is the best gift that parents can give to their children.

Primary and secondary education constitutes the foundation of university education. They are stages that one needs to pass before being allowed to join the university. Some years back, a student with secondary education was able to secure a job and responsibilities that could allow him/her attain desirable level of stability. This could include an employment in the public sector or working with a private company. In order to enhance the chances of such opportunities, many would consider enrolling for courses in colleges that will offer additional skills suitable for the job. The advancement in technology, globalization, among other factors has fueled the spread of education. It has lead to the structuring of sensitive diverse societies that consider education as a top priority. These changes have enabled the development of education centers, the enhancement of educational facilities and the increases in the number of students in different societies.

The current world does not allow uneducated people to lead and enjoy life. They are denied many opportunities and not allowed to attain self independency. Education is used as the measure of one’s reliability, efficiency, effectiveness and intelligence. These adjectives also indentify with one’s level of success in any given field. Education is therefore an avenue to a successful life.

However, many find it hard to stomach the high cost of university education. Due to the increasing the number of secondary school graduates and the increasing demand for university education, the cost is high.  Those students from financially challenged backgrounds are denied the opportunity to belong in the modern society. Their dreams are killed by the high cost of university education and all they are left with is the secondary school certificate that does not hold in the modern world. They are knocked off their path to success and left behind to meander in the society. They often fall for low paying jobs or in worst cases become the wheel of social injustices: crime, robbery, prostitution in the quest to achieve financial stability.

University education is the best gift that one can offer to a secondary school graduate. It is the only way to success and the only route to achieving financial independency.  It constitutes diverse programs and routines that empower young students. It marks their transition from dependent, confused undecided young students to independent decisive responsible young adults. It is a critical stage that defines one’s life thereafter. University education also allows the building and empowering of talents. Many students leave universities with additional skills besides the academic accolade. These skills prove to be handy in the modern world as some relies on them for a living while some enjoy them as flavors of life.

Everyone deserves a chance in the society regardless of one’s background or past. Everyone deserves exposure to knowledge and skills that would allow him/her to compete favorably in the society. Education is the only tool that can allow everyone a chance to chase their dreams and live a good life. There is joy in educational achievement and much joy in belonging to the modern world. The poor and the orphans deserve a chance to overwrite their past, to change their destiny and write a new path for the coming generations. It is not only the best but the only way to fight poverty, build hope and show love to the orphans and the lowly.


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