The farm is on the GROW!

The first planting of the farm on the new land in Kitale took place in May and thanks to the diligent work of our in-country partner, Fred Afwai, and the farm managers we are seeing some great growth already in the corn and beans.  Take a moment to see the photos of the way the farm is progressing and also pray for a GREAT harvest.  The better the farm yields, the more income will be available to support the children at Hands with Hope Safe House.


At Light Up Hope we feel it is important to not just provide housing for the children, but also income generating opportunities for our partner in Kenya. These income opportunities will allow the orphanage to be self-sufficient rather than singularly dependent on foreign donations.  The farm will provide income as well as job opportunities for the children when they come of age to head out on their own.  We already have a group of high school age boys and girls who will be looking to support themselves in the near future, and we want to do our best to equip them to be successful adults.

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