Grandma Lucy and the Umoja 3 LIFT Community

Grandma Lucy’s Story

What would it feel like to live in a one-room apartment with 11 other people?

That’s the reality for Pauline, who came to live with her grandmother when her mom tragically died, a year ago. Light Up Hope has sponsored Pauline through our new LIFT program, for 2018. Pauline received books and a new uniform and had her school fees paid, when we visited her family in Nairobi’s Umoja 3 urban slum, in January.

Listen in as Lucy – Pauline’s grandmother – talks about their daily life. The constant refrain in her story is, “Life is hard.” But she has faith that life can get better. Even though she and her extended family have very little, she is grateful.

How many more children like Pauline, can we help? How many more families, like hers, desperately need support in order to stay united? Without support, families like Pauline’s often must relinquish children to orphanages. Let’s make their hope for a better life, reality.

You can sponsor a family for just $35 per month through our LIFT program, which connects families to the resources they need – food, education, and health care – to stay united and strong. When families are united, communities are empowered. We are looking for 30 families to sponsor our 30 Kenyan LIFT families.

We officially launched LIFT on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Won’t you help a Kenyan child to feel their parents’ love? Go to our website to learn more or to donate:

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