Umoja LIFT community, March update

In Umoja (in urban Nairobi), LIFT sponsors are helping children like Mary Grace and Geoffrey, who were taken in by their aunt after their mother tragically passed away. Mary Grace and Geoffrey now live with their 3 cousins in a two-room home. The orphaned children sleep on the floor, due to a lack of bedding.

Geoffrey and his cousin with Light Up Hope Assistant Social Worker, Remjeus Kotiah.

In spite of challenging conditions, they have hope for a brighter future, especially with the support from LIFT, which is paying their school fees, this year. Geoffrey and Mary Grace see how hard their aunt works to be sure they and their cousins have breakfast and dinner, get safely to school, and do their homework, each day. They help their aunt with fetching water, washing dishes, other household chores, and caring for their youngest cousin.

Mary Grace enjoys math the most at school. She wants to be a police woman someday, so that she can help maintain the peace. Her future plans include attending an all-girls’ high school. She wonders if kids in America play in the mud.

Geoffrey likes playing football (soccer) with friends and enjoys studying English at school. He wants to be a soldier, like his uncle once was, and to buy his aunt a big-screen TV. He wants to know if American kids swim in rivers and streams, like in Africa.

As a family, they struggle with a lack of clean water and an inadequate sewage system at home and at school.

Click to hear Geoffrey give thanks to his sponsors!

Light Up Hope Director in Kenya, Augustine Wanyama, with Mary Grace and local school children.

Poverty is the leading cause of orphanhood in Kenya. LIFT is our family unification program that seeks to keep poor children united with their families by assisting with food, education, and health care needs. If you are not yet a sponsor but would like to learn more, please go to:

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