Videos and Media

View video clips and media of Light Up Hope highlighting the work we are doing in Kenya and with our partners here in the United States.

Moved In,  December 2012- Edward, one of the older children, shares his thoughts on why he feels happy in his new home in Kitale and Alice, the orphanage Director talks excitedly about how this new home is an answer to prayer.

Orphans are Real People,  Christmas Season 2012- Everline is a sweet girl, she is loving and caring towards the younger children in the safe house and she exudes a strength that is visible both in her willingness to be vulnerable and in her general presence.  But underneath her strength there is grief and a tragic story of loss.  It is easy to forget when you meet these children that they are living in a home for children who do not have families to care for them.  Take 3.5 minutes and listen to Everline tell a part of her story in her own words.

Letters to Kenya – a video showing the smiles on the faces of students at Candlelight School in Nairobi, Kenya receiving letters from students at Prospect Ridge Academy in Broomfield, CO.  Candlelight School is Directed by Hands with Hope founder, Alice Afwai, and this is also the school where the children at Hands with Hope Orphanage attend.