Visiting the Boys at Boarding School

We go deep, not broad by focusing on a small number of children and developing deep relationships, we can shine a light of hope to the whole child including cultivating their dreams for their adult life through education and job training opportunities.

Rather than building a school as part of our program our Kenyan partner works hard to find local day schools and boarding schools that fit the education aspirations of the individual children.  For those who work hard and have a dedication to their secondary education we provide funding for them to attend a boarding school that meets their needs.  Here are pictures of Fred and Alice visiting Ellis and Edward at their boarding school.

And here they are visiting Edward’s brother Joseph at his boarding school.  They were present to attend the form 1 (first year of high school) parents meeting to learn about the school and advocate for Joseph.

You can help ensure more children have the opportunity to attend a school that meets their educational needs by donating to Light Up Hope today.  For as little as $25 you can send a child to primary school and for $150 you can pay the boarding school tuition of one of the older children for one year. DONATE NOW

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