Since 2011 Light Up Hope has been providing hope to orphaned and impoverished children and young adults in Kenya


It is our vision and mission to find creative solutions to offer a continuum of emotional, spiritual, physical and educational care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), youths and their families in Kenya. 


Though as equally talented as wealthy children, kids born into poverty are at a significant disadvantage to break the cycle of poverty.


This is achieved through the provision of educational scholarships, learning resources, food and community development and empowerment. We drive our motivation from Psalm 82:3 “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.”  To advance its mission in Kenya, Light Up Hope has partnered with the Tuungane Community Foundation (TCF), a community based organization registered in Kenya under the Companies Act, 2015 as a COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE, registration number CLG-AAAAABA3. Tuungane Community is located along David Osieli Road, off Waiyaki way in Westlands, Nairobi. 


  • Integrity: As a charity organization dealing with vulnerable members of society, we seek to ensure integrity as a method of protecting the interest of our beneficiaries and donors through ethical relations.
  • Transparency: To ensure all fair treatment of beneficiaries and use of funds, the organization aims at disclosing both the benefits available to all beneficiaries and declaring the use of funds.
  • Team work: In a bid to ensure maximum effectiveness of the efforts by the organization, LUH/TCF seeks to work with the community and staff to foster strong team work towards achieving the vision of the organization. 
  • Accountability: To ensure accountability, we ensure all our funds are accounted for both in terms of their source and use. We will therefore ensure that we continuously ensure all monetary uses are well documented and justified as per the acceptable organizational policies and law. 

Program’s Overview

To ensure the spread of benefits across the various academic levels, Tuungane Community Foundation implements its activities in three programs;

  1. School Feeding Program providing breakfast and lunch every school day to over 50,000 primary students
  2. High School and Primary School Sponsorship Program. The program offers education scholarships to girls and a few boys from primary and high school education.
  3. WOVEN program. Through this program, TCF offers university scholarships to the top performers among the female high school program beneficiaries.

The organization has adopted the program approach in the implementation of its activities as we endeavor to provide full (in terms of timeline) scholarships to our selected beneficiaries. This means that the selected beneficiaries benefit from the program through the academic level.


EMPOWERMENT PHILOSOPHY : We believe in empowering Kenyan leadership in our organization. We acknowledge Kenyans know best the cultural, political and environmental background of their own country, and we believe they know the best solution to providing improvement in the lives of their community. We act as a partner who provides additional ideas, support and resources to refine Kenyan identified solutions to Kenyan identified problems.

Additionally we seek ongoing input from program beneficiaries on how to improve the program to better meet the needs of future program participants. We seek their input on what works in our programs, what needs improvement and aspects of the program that may be found ineffective, such that we can constantly learn, evolve, and better serve our beneficiaries.

Join us in lighting a path out of poverty! What Empowerment Means to Me by Lewis

Light Up Hope is an inclusive community and we encourage people of all faiths, races, gender, sexual orientation, political views and backgrounds to join us as we break the cycle of poverty