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Since 2011 Light Up Hope has been providing hope to orphaned and impoverished children and young adults in Kenya


Provide healing orphan care and light a path out of poverty for orphans, impoverished children and adults in Kenya.


It is our vision to find creative solutions to offer a continuum of emotional, spiritual, physical and educational care for orphans and impoverished children and young adults in Kenya. Emotional and spiritual care includes mentorship, counseling, professional guidance and life skills education. Physical support includes but is not limited to; residential care, foster care, family care environments, as well as adult transitional support. Educational care includes scholarship and sponsorship for primary, secondary, university and vocational education.



Emotional and spiritual care of our program beneficiaries is a core value of Light Up Hope. Experienced social workers and emotionally attentive staff members are paramount to quality care. Additionally, regular individual and group therapy sessions and staff training with skilled counselors and therapists is offered throughout all of our programs. Spiritual mentorship is also valued through local church leaders and by creating age appropriate spiritual leadership opportunities .


Professional counseling sessions, professional spiritual mentorship and leadership opportunities


In partnership with our Kenyan leadership we work closely with guardians and community members to find loving community based care for orphans and vulnerable children who are under the age of 18, encouraging the communities in which we work to collaborate to find solutions to keep orphans and impoverished children in their community connected to their families and living in healthy, caring environments.

Physical care includes but is not limited to providing food, shelter, clothing and access to medical care through a variety of options tailored to the needs of the individual child or young adult. Including the following:

* Foster care

* Family/kin care

* Residential care

* Adult transitional housing


Providing schools fees and scholarships to support quality education inclusive of all school needs for uniforms, books, school supplies, transportation, communication and tutoring as needed.

Primary School

High School

Trade School/ Vocational School Scholarships

University Scholarships

EMPOWERMENT PHILOSOPHY : We believe in empowering Kenyan leadership in our organization. We acknowledge Kenyans know best the cultural, political and environmental background of their own country, and we believe they know the best solution to providing improvement in the lives of their community. We act as a partner who provides additional ideas, support and resources to refine Kenyan identified solutions to Kenyan identified problems.

Additionally we seek ongoing input from program beneficiaries on how to improve the program to better meet the needs of future program participants. We seek their input on what works in our programs, what needs improvement and aspects of the program that may be found ineffective, such that we can constantly learn, evolve, and better serve our beneficiaries.

Join us in lighting a path out of poverty! What Empowerment Means to Me by Lewis